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22 Jan 2014
The los angeles police department • Officers almost always work in pairs.This is for the safety of the officers in general, as well as providing two perspectives on any idea or case.It is unusual for two women to be partnered, especially in dangerous field work;One man and one woman, or two men, are the normal combination for partners, to give a balance of strength.This is especially true of specialised departments. • Ranks for officers in specialised departments are as follows, in terms of seniority:Officer, detective, sergeant, lieutenant and captain.Homicide stands alone in the fact that they only have detectives, a lieutenant and a captain;They have no officers or sergeants-Between departments, homicide detectives are of an equal rank to sergeants, and recognised as the same, in terms of ability and seniority.Crime scene investigators only carry the rank of detective, though their experience and time on the team determines seniority. • Age, height, gender and skin colour have no influence in the LAPD;Ability and intelligence are the deciding factors in rank, promotion and placement.The lapd was the first to hire a policewoman, and as such, recognises the resourcefulness, intelligence and skill of a woman as being equal to a man, unbalanced only in terms of physical strength, as mentioned in the first point, which is why partnerships usually contain at least one man. • The LAPD standard sidearms are Beretta and Glock;It is the officer's individual preference as to which firearm they carry, but they must aici be registered, and signed out if taken from the station while off-Duty, otherwise they are to be left in a secure locker, one of which each officer possesses in a department, as standard.Some officers carry a second, personal sidearm that they have purchased and licensed outside of the station, but they must be registered with the department head before being allowed on any officer's person on-Duty.Pocket knives, etc, can be carried without paperwork being filed, but any inclusion in a case of any kind must be logged and recorded, in case of investigation. • LAPD street/uniformed officers work in squad cars unless on foot patrol, in pairs, and carry radios as standard;They are signed out from the station at the start of every shift, and never switched off.Higher ranking officers(Detectives and above)Carry cell phones on the job, but when working on a raid, or any other high-Profile, dangerous situation, they are issued radios as well. • Attire depends on the department:Homicide and force investigation are required to dress in a professional, smart manner, and True Religion Skinny discouraged from wearing t-Shirts, jeans, sneakers or anything else casual.They generally wear suits;Women are not required to wear skirts, but they must wear women's suits of equivalent smartness to the men, and must not be of any kind of suggestive nature.The shirts/blouses are not restricted by colour, but some sense of professionalism is expected.Smart, practical shoes are encouraged;Boots, or actual shoes, and sensible heels for the women. • Internal relationships aren't openly encouraged, but are also not loudly discouraged, though it depends on the situation.Partners are required to remain professional and focused on the job;Relationships between partners is prohibited, and any development beyond a working partnership is usually resolved by a reassignment, meaning both officers will be designated new partners, and split up, meaning that their work dynamic is compromised, but their off-Duty relationship can continue.They are usually given the choice to be reassigned, but if they decline the option, they are told to end the relationship. • All officers are required to spend at least one hour, weekly, at the station's range, to ensure their marksmanship maintains its accuracy, and that their ability remains constant.Extra time is encouraged, but usually required to be logged on personal time, so as not to compromise a workday.Officers must be tested in order to professionally work with anything more powerful than a standard sidearm;Some are cleared to use sniper rifles, while others are cleared for shotguns.This clearance has nothing to do with rank or seniority, but simply gives them that extra skill.


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